Catch up… And keep going!

Throughout the Easter Break I was given the opportunity to catch up with the work set at the end of the second term, such as my field work. I was also able to progress with my constellation essay which was based on the Pop Art movement.

I was therefore eager to discover the brief for this term which would be set on the first day of the term. The brief Theo set was as follows:

This week began with us being given the brief for the final term, The brief was as follows:

Reflect on your Term 1 learning experiences. For this project you may chose to either:

i). take one of the Term 1 one-week projects that you have already ‘finished’ and develop the project further over 7-weeks.

ii). take one of the Term 1 one-week projects and tackle it again from scratch – but as a 7-week project this time.

iii). take some ‘finding’ or ‘research interest’ from your Term 1 experiences and write a brief for yourself that will explore it through a product design project (this option must be negotiated with staff)

After looking carefully at the deliverables set for the third term, which I found extremely vague and open; we were asked to write a 200 word description of what our brief would be, our aims for the project as well as the deliverables we would like to achieve in time for our exhibition at the end of our third term.

I then decided to re-analyse all my first term projects, and found that my most successful projects which were ‘Critical Design & Design Fictions’ and ‘The Swan’. I have therefore decided on these projects to further develop, as I believe that they were interesting and that my ideas could be further progressed. I have therefore decided to combine both these projects for my third term subject work.

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