Individual Field Project

For my final part of my field project I would be working further on my individual project. For this I wanted to incorporate the work I had previously done in my field project with glass lamp shades as I thoroughly enjoyed this and believed that this could be further developed to produce an outcome which would relate to the brief I was set in product design which was to great something which would be passed on to future generations.

Although fairly sure that I wanted to further explore glass, I wanted to keep all my options open; this therefore led to me producing a mind map of my ideas, this included materials, product ideas, as well as themes to this project. Below we see the mind map i created.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 11.56.26.png

After deciding that I would be producing a piece of wall art based on family out of glass, I then began my project by doing research on glass and specifically sandblasting as this was extremely effective in our group project and I believe that the effect this gave made for an extremely aesthetically pleasing outcome. Here is some of the research I did on the subject and specifically on glass.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.02.39

Once I had decided on what I would be doing I then began to research my theme which was ‘Family’ I did this by doing first hand research; this consisted of me looking through hundreads of old photographs which went back five generations. Due to me being unaware of my ansestors I then decided that I would concentrate on the last three generations of my family. I therefore looked at several photographs of my grandparents, I also looked at photographs of my Dad and his three sisters, before finally looking at photographs of myself, my siblings and my cousins. This reserach therefore consisted of a full side of my family over the last three generations. Below we see some of the hundreds (possibly even thousands) of photographs I looked through!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.07.58.png

I then began to shortlisted the images and decide on which images I would finally produce. I would decide on one image from each generation for this section.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.10.47.png

After arriving at this stage I then needed to produce several designs of how this would be displayed. For example would it be a single glass plane, would it be presented in a box or on an object? Here are some designs I then produced to overcome this issue and to resolve it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.13.04.png

I therefore resolved the problem and arrived at a final design for the glass. This consisted of a single plane of glass which had four brushed aluminium standoffs to hang it on a wall. I therefore began to source the materials needed which I found to be quite difficult at times and very time consuming. After enduring through this section of the product I therefore found time very short and found that it was no longer possible to create a series of three, I would therefore only have the chance to create a single prototype; this would not be a problem as when I looked at the brief for this section I would only need a single prototype. Before I would begin to produce this product I would need to create a CAD design which I then did on a program called ‘SolidWorks’ I found this quite difficult but endured with the process and ended up with an effective and realistic outcome which can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.18.50

I was very happy with the above CAD Design and decided that I would then decided that I would continue to produce the decorative glass plane artwork. I therefore began by going through the following stages:

  • Cutting the vinyl to the size of the glass
  • Tracing the chosen pictures
  • Tracing them onto the Vinyl
  • Cutting the vinyl with a Stanley knife
  • Sticking the Vinyl onto the glass
  • Using the sandblaster to place the silhouette onto the glass

After completing this time consuming process I then found that I needed to place the brushed aluminium standoffs to the glass, to do this I would need drill through the glass. I therefore went to the workshop to seek help on how this would be possible, after having a long discussion with several technicians I found that this simply wasn’t possible due to the glass being hardened and in the one attempt we made to do this the glass immediately shattered. I was therefore hesitant on doing this to my sandblasted plane as I would lose all the work I had already put in.

After the enormous disappointment with the glass planes I found that there was a knock on effect through my project as now I was unable to fix any sort of lighting to the glass as the lighting I had planned to add to the piece rested on the brushed aluminium stand offs.

I will now attempt to change this concept to make it more applicable to another product. Although I enjoyed using glass this might not be the best median to use due to it being so fragile, I will therefore look at alternatives whilst developing this idea in the future.

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