Collaborative Product Design Group

For my second term studies we would be looking at our field work. This would consist of working as part of a collaborative group. For the first two weeks of this term we would choose a group of five students from our subject groups, once this was done we would then be given a brief, and told to work on it for two weeks before presenting it to our peers.

Our brief was to produce an item which would be passed onto future generations. Once we received this brief, we as a group researched individually. Once our individual research was done we then discussed our findings and ideas as a group; after thorough discussion, we decided that we would re design a lunchbox as our collaborative subject field project.

After deciding on our product we then went on to research what was currently on the market and the several variations available. We found several very interesting variations which we believed as a group we could improve on. We then presented our finding to Gareth Barham who led the field unit, Gareth was supportive of our product but emphasised that we wouldn’t necessarily be re designing an item but rather doing ethnographic research on a product and realising its use and the needs of the user. We therefore did a quantity of different product analysis’s on different variations of lunchbox’s, we also looked at what a lunchbox needed to do, and the issues people could face whilst using a lunchbox.

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