Top Drawer 2016

On the 17th of January 2016 I attended Top Drawer in London’s Olympia Grand. This annually event is aimed at the retail sector, and boasts over a 1000 different design brands which show their new innovative designs. The show was split up into several sector’s which consisted of Gifts, Craft, Fashion, as well as a home sector.

This was my first time attending the show and I was therefore exited to sample the atmosphere as well as the new designs which would retail in 2016! To begin we sampled the ‘Spotted’ section which consisted of upcoming designers and companies who were eager to get their products across! Here the majority of the products were homeware such as soft furnishings, artwork, as well as stationary. My favourite stall in this section was without a doubt ‘Studio Haran’, who used simple raw materials to create household items which ranged from tables to kitchen accessories. This wife and husband run company showed off their simple designs which combined wood, glass and metals were extremely effective and aesthetically pleasing. I thoroughly enjoyed the raw look they offered and believe that this is something I could possible include in my own work!

The next section I looked at was the home section, here I looked at furniture, lighting, interior accessories as well as a range of other items. Several stalls stood out whilst looking through this section of the show one of these stalls was ‘Amber Bright Creations’ who designed bespoke lighting as well as bulbs which give an industrial old fashion feel, I was interested by this and believe that if i was to do a lighting project this could possible be of inspiration to me as I liked the use of patterned wire inside the bulb as well as the old fashion steel, and brass surrounds which created and authentic feel! The second exhibitor which caught I thought stood out was ‘Ben Crooks’ who produced decorative glasswork, his glasswork was extremely colourful and immediately caught my eye. The third Stall which took my attention abruptly was ‘My Warehouse Home’ this company was based on recycling old industrial items and in an attempt to relocate them into our modern day homes, this company had a large section of lighting as well as modern remakes of old china, reproduction vintage furniture, and soft furnishings for the home. I particularly liked this company due to the diversity of their products and the attention to detail on all of their pieces.

After looking at what the Home section had to offer we then progressed onto the Craft section where there were hundreds of interesting and eye catching stalls which were all worthy of mentioning; I found myself turning around and gazing at the majority of the products on show which ranged from ceramics and glass to jewellery and fashion items. There were several designers in this section, one of which immediately caught my eye due to the unique stamp he gave his work; this designer was Dan Morrison who cleverly combined art and engineering to produce sculptures with a difference! These sculptures are also fully functional and double to be working lamps, clocks and vases! His work was truly inspiring and the way he managed to combine both art and engineering was revolutionary.
Unfortunately as I was only able to attend the ‘Top Drawer’ show for a day, I was unable to venture to any other of the show’s sections which was a disappointment, but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and have several idea’s for forthcoming projects due to the inspiring stuff I saw at this event!

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