After seven very different and insightful one week project, we faced our eighth week which was led by Bethan Gordon. This week was simply titled ‘Spoon’, for this project we were given the brief to design a simple spoon for a purpose which appreciates the design language we are trying to portray as well as understands the perceived affordances through our designs.

This was interesting project as up till now we had been designing beautiful objects which epitomised technology and aesthetics, it was therefore strange to be hold to design something so simple which is overlooked and taken for granted by all in everyday life.

After receiving our brief I then went and produced several mood boards with a range of photographs which I gathered from the internet, these images included spoons of all types for example children’s spoons, spoons for people with a variety of disabilities, as well as spoons for decorative purposes. After some preliminary research on the topic we were then given a small quantity of clay and were told to make a range of clay spoons for a variety of different purposes. This allowed us to get a feel for the project and gave us a greater understanding of what we would be doing over the course of the week. I was surprised at the amount of different spoons which were currently available around the world.

I then produced around 15 spoons, which were all different shapes and sizes I then began gathering feedback from my peers by asking them to review each and every spoon both on functionality and aesthetics. I then went back and produced several designs which I rendered and looked at in several different perspectives.

I then gathered feedback from my peers on the several spoons I had designed and produced. This therefore gave me the general consensus, and allowed me to see what users wanted. I found that the most important characteristics they wanted in their spoons were comfort, sturdiness, durability as well as affordable. After finding out these important characteristics, i then went on to produce several rendered designs aimed at people between the age of eight and eighteen as I believe that this allows me to experiment with such things as shape, form and colour.

After looking at all my designs and taking into consideration my target audience and the feedback i had received I produced a rendered design of my final spoon design. This design consisted of a simple and typical mouthpiece with a curved handle which offered comfort and a more complex aesthetic outlook to keep the users attention.

I then produced the spoon which I designed with the clay supplied by Bethan Gordon. I also looked at the design language of the spoon; I found that this spoke to a younger user between the age of eight and eighteen due to its interesting aesthetic outlook, its practicality, and its ease of use. Although happy with this spoon, If I was given more time I believe this could have been largely developed by looking at other materials such as rubber, metals, as well as a range of plastics. I would also like to survey more people of this age as I found it hard to find people un between this age range. I believe if this was achieved my product would be further enhanced and would be more suitable for the target user.

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