Mobile 2050

For our seventh week long project we were introduced to Dr Stephen Thompson who set a project which would test skills which we hadn’t already practiced, and would teach us to forecast future products. This was an interesting prospect and I was exited to work with Dr Stephen Thompson. We then chose fellow product design pupils from level 4 whom we would work together with for the duration of the week. I once again worked alongside Owain and Scott as this was a group we had found to be functional and effective in the past. We were then introduced to ‘moni’ who would be the stereotypical human being in the year 2050, as forecasted by individuals from our current generation. After meeting ‘moni’ we were then given the brief which was to simply design a phone for ‘moni’ which would be functional and of use in 2050.

As a group we then began researching what the world would be like in 2050, we looked at several anomalies such as technology, industries, economies etc. This allowed us to get an insight to who we would be designing for, and what sort of product they would want. We also looked at the progression of phones from the year 200 till now, this allowed us to see how phones had changed and help us to find patterns which would allow us to determine how they would progress till the year 2050. This would allow us to design a suitable phone which would follow the trends we had found!

After talking to Dr Stephen Thompson and having an in-depth discussion on his beliefs, we found that we weren’t designing a product but rather developing a concept. We then looked at possible technologies which were projected to bee completed and available to incorporate into our products by 2050. After doing this we then designed a chip which would project a phone screen from your wrist which would mean that you would allow us to minimise the physical look of the phone, this would also show the progression from phones from 2000 till now; as they are getting thiner, and more minimalistic, we therefore projected that by 2050 phones would not be something which you could physically hold.

Although this concept is not something which is currently viable due to the lack of technology and due to the lack of application for existing technology. This may currently be the case but I believe by 2050 this technology will be widely available. And would therefore be available to use the phone we design for ‘moni’.

I have particularly enjoyed this week project and believe that it has been one of the most valuable project yet as it has allowed us to look at products in a different and more futuristic manor and allows us to think further into the future at not only designing the product but at developing the technology that can make those products viable. This has been extraordinary, and I believe I have developed largely over the course of this eek. Although finding Dr Stephen Thompson ways unusual, I think this week was one of the most valuable to date; it taught us that we will not always be designing a physical object but a concept.

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