Come Out and Play

In our fifth week as product design students we were introduced to Olivia Kotsifa who set us the assignment title ‘come out and play’ for which we were set the brief of designing a game or application which would bring children outdoors to play.

For this project we were set into groups of three or five. I was in a group of there and between us our aim was to complete an app, which was simple enough for children between the ages of three and nine to use; as this was our target audience. After deciding who our group would compromise of we then went on to delegate work, as we believed this would be the most suitable way to get the project completed over the course of the week. I was delegated with the job of producing digital images of what the app would look like on the screen. Owain then designed the interface and the house ethos and Scott concentrated on producing a suitable logo for the app.

On Tuesday we then met together in the studio as a Product Design Level 4 group; Olivia then took us to Cyncoed, where we went to the outdoor play centre designed specifically for children. This allowed us to have an insight to how they think and act in an outdoor environment. This helped us greatly when designing the app as we could see how they would use it and what activities they would hope to do on it! We were also given thorough advice from the several workers as they told us what they had learnt from experience with children in an outdoor environment.

After doing this we then went on to think of what sort of activities, which we thought the app should consist of. We thought of several different ideas which included the children drawing, producing photographs, collecting items, etc but in the end we decided that the app we would make, would be one for children to play with others. This app included several children starting as different points in a public area, such as a park this would mean that they had to check in at several locations; where the app would take them to by showing a compass. This compass would then change and take you to a different location once you have completed the previous objective. Once all objectives have been reached, the app then compares your speed to that which your friends have achieved; you will then have the option to re-do an equivalent circuit and attempt to beat the time and beat your friends! This app is designed for children to play with others and for them to go outdoors and play through exercising with others.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project although finding it strange that we didn’t have a physical object to show for our weeks effort. On the other hand i found that we further developed our digital skills and were made to think about our target audience. This was therefore a valuable week and i believe that several of the skills i learnt here will be valuable in the future, such as team working, and targeting our products to an audience.

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