Just Beautiful: 21st Century Aesthetics

In the fourth week we were given the project title ‘Just Beautiful: 21st Century Aesthetics’, this task was set by Theo. The first thing we were told by Theo was to forget function all together and to produce something we thought was beautiful. This was extremely difficult to do and caused me to be confused and completely baffled due to how vague and open the brief was. I then researched beauty on several different search engines, and found a variety of different landscapes and seascapes, as well as animals, children, buildings and cars. All of which hard to capture in a physical outcome, I wondered how could i produce something unique that none of my peers would think of.

I therefore looked into a common perception of beauty, which was inner beauty. This is said to be within everyone, but when researched nobody seemed to be able to capture it in a single item or photograph. I then began to think of other things which were found within everyone and found such things as bones, blood, and other organs. I then decided to capture the human heart.

After deciding on this i looked at how i could recreate the human heart, i looked at producing them by 3D printing a clear plastic or doing them by using raw materials such as steel or wood, but found this almost impossible due to the lack of time and training. I therefore used air drying clay to produce this outcome and used red acrylic paint to add colour to it.

I was less than happy with the outcome. I thought it would be unique and would stand out from the rest but the final product was sub standard, the paint cracked and faded and the smooth outcome i was hoping for was non existent. If i was to approach it the same project again i would definitely use a different media to capture the sculpture i would also look to create more mood boards and ideas, before rushing into a final design.

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