Transbranding & Brand-Bending

For our third week we looked at ‘Transbranding & Brand-bending’ which was led by Gareth Barham. This brief meant we had to choose and existing company and design an item which they did not currently manufacture, this design needed to be stereo typical of their company and follow they’re existing company ethos. I found this to be an extremely interesting task but once again was frustrated by the short period of time we were given to produce designs and an outcome. This therefore needed to be a simple product which effectively conveyed the ethos of a chosen company.

I therefore researched a range of companies which were well known and showed a house style throughout all there products. I looked at such companies as Apple, Dyson, Nike, and Hugo Boss as these have a strong house style. After researching a range of companies i then decided to use Armani as the brand i would ‘brand-bend’.

After choosing a suitable brand i then researched the brand, whilst doing this i found that Armani’s products conveyed the same image, which was of wealth, quality and class. I then made a mood board of existing items which i believed to have the same attributes and characteristics as Armani convey through there products. This mood board contained items such as chesterfield sofa’s, Barbour coats, Rolls Royce cars and Rolex watches. This then helped me to think up what the item i’m designing should consist of and what it should look like. I then began to research items which Armani don’t currently produce but could possible produce in the future for example, lighters, storage boxes and television stands. I then narrowed them down to three possible products which i could design which were hip flasks, water bottles, and coffee flasks. This brought me to choose to design a water bottle as it has a much larger target audience. After deciding on this i then brought together a range of items of quality which were at the summit of there fields, these included sample’s of leather, a range of different water bottles which consisted of ‘Smart Water’, ‘Ty-nant Water’ and ‘Evian’ as well as several more, this gave me an idea of what my product needed to consist of. I therefore came to the conclusion that this item needed a simple and sleek bottle which was comfortable to hold and effective to use. 

The product that i designed therefore consisted of a simple shape which was similar to the ‘Smart Water’ bottle, with a smaller nozzle which was of the ‘Ty-nant Water’ bottle in size with a lid which was levered like a protein shaker, all surrounded with a quilted brown leather surround for comfort, this surround could also be taken off whilst washing. I believe that this product imitated the house style of Armani well and believe that it would not look out of place on their shelves in the future.

This project was brilliant and i thoroughly enjoyed it as it allowed us to look differently at our brief; as we were told to not look at something that was already there and improve it, but rather to make something that should be there in the future.

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