Project One

After an exiting induction week, we then began our first assignment which was led by Richard Morris. This project was designed to improve our drawing skills and make us capture objects from a variety of perspectives.

We began this assignment with a simple task which was drawing lines, we produced horizontal lines, vertical lines, and diagonal lines; we then looked at producing lines of different opacity’s before moving on to cross hatching. After this we then went on to look at how we could incorporate these techniques whilst drawing objects. This led to us drawing such things as coffee pots which we were told to capture in different compositions, angles and styles; drawing these coffee pots helped us look at how shadows make the object more realistic and allow us to visualise the object as it would be in three dimension. Now that we had learnt how to capture an object, we were then taught how to make them more realistic; this was done by the use of rendering. We used markers of different hue’s to create a realistic feel, this also allowed us to effectively complete the design, by showing how the object would look in a series of different lighting.

After teaching us these skills Richard then set us the task of designing several objects which included a hairdryer, a drill and a chair. For this we were made to come up with a variety of designs before narrowing them down to a final design which needed to be presented in a variety of different perspectives all of which rendered and realistically presented. I was very pleased with the way my designs looked although i had more time i believe i could refine them further.

To begin i thought this was a completely pointless exercise which was set to test our patients, but after being set the task of drawing a variety of objects i saw a large improvement in my drawing and found that my designs began to come to life. This week has taught me a variety of different things, one of which is to commit to every task set as none of which are pointless!

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